Hosting Services

The document Vault is a repository for courthouse records of nearly every type

Complete with:

  • End user self registration

  • Automated billing

  • County specific environments

  • Subscription duration options (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly)

  • Large document viewer screen

  • Blazing fast page loads and real-time search results

we are changing expectations.

see for yourself.

When you click on a document in the Big Horn Document Vault, you receive it. We’ve overcome the latency issue that is plaguing our competition.
— Big Horn Imaging

A few words from our end users:

“The Big Horn Vault has proven to be a powerful efficiency tool, with access to multiple county records available 24/7, while others’ doors may be locked.  Professional, courteous and cost effective - kudos – Big Horn.” - Terry McGlothlin | CPL | Gillette, Wyoming

“The Vault has been an excellent resource and allowed us to improve our efficiency in the field greatly.  Their services have been reliable, easily accessible and economical.” - NorthStar Energy | Denver, Colorado

“The Vault has allowed us to overcome the restraints of time when it comes to courthouse hours of operations. The organization of the materials available is very methodical and research can be done very effectively and efficiently.” - Ivan Stalick | Masters of Resource Law | Wyoming