Curation Services

WE quickly Organize your historical records

Big Horn Imaging will put your records to work for you immediately! The foundation of the Document Vault web application is a proprietary inventory and curation platform. It allows us to inventory, organize and host your records extremely quickly. All without sacrificing quality.

Our competitors will tell you it’s going to take years to get your records online. We disagree. Your records should be scanned, curated and published shortly thereafter. Big Horn Imaging has the ability to do exactly that.
— Big Horn Imaging

Quality Assurance

You get to watch us like fish in a bowl

We scan your courthouse records using archive level scan settings, funnel them through a 4-phase quality assurance process, curate the books from cover to cover and host them online in near real time. The best part is, you get to watch the whole process because we provide you with a set of credentials so you can monitor our progress and quality.

Become a client

If you desire to digitize, organize & host your courthouse records online contact us.